Hello New York. Learn some F#!

Exactly two weeks ago, I started a three month internship at BlueMountain Capital in New York. They have a technical blog and should be well known to the F# community thanks to the R type provider which was written by Howard Mansell (@hmansell). I'll have the pleasure of working with Howard on some more open source data-science related tools for F# (and C#). I'll write more about these when we have something to share, but if you want to contribute and help us, join the Data and Machine Learning working group at F# Foundation.

Aside from my work, I'm also happy to get involved with the great F# community in New York! We already have some events planned - Progressive F# Tutorials and FastTrack to F# are scheduled for September 16.-19. so you can become an F# guru in 4 days :-). But I'm also happy to have a chat with anyone interested in F# and perhaps do a lunch time talk, if you need to convince your colleagues or boss that F# is a good choice.

Become an F# master!

Nobody can seriously promise you that you'll become an F# master in 4 days, but you can get pretty familiar with F# and confident enough to start working on your own F# projects. So, if you want to learn F#, you have a unique chance this September:

SPECIAL OFFER: If you come to the training, you should be ready to go to all the advanced sessions, so combining both of the events is a perfect idea :-). Moreover, if you buy a ticket to the trainings, we'll give you a free ticket to the tutorials! If you're interested, email me at

Fancy a lunch?

I'm obviously happy to meet any F#ers in New York for a lunch or an evening pint! Back in London, myself or Phil Trelford visited a few companies to do a lunch time F# talk.

If you are interested in F#, this is a good way to present F# to your colleagues and to your boss (especially, if they are already bored with you talking about F# all the time ;-)). As one of the founding members of the F# Foundation, I can help explaining why F# matters, how it helps you save time & money and get things done faster. I also have various material from previous talks, including topics relevant to option pricing, data analysis, concurrency etc.

So, if you want to meet and have a chat, get in touch on Twitter (@tomaspetricek) or email me. BlueMountain has offices on 280 Park Avenue, so let me know if you work nearby!

Published: Thursday, 29 August 2013, 3:02 PM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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