F# courses and talks (Autumn 2011)

The end of the summer holiday season is getting closer. Luckily, I was in Prague last week so I actually noticed there was summer this year!

After a few quiet months, the autumn is going to be quite busy. Microsoft's //build/ conference will reveal the future of software development for Windows, but great things are going on in the F# world too. Don Syme is going to talk about F# Information Rich Programming at Progressive F# Tutorials in November, which should reveal more about F# 3.0 and type providers!

I have quite a few speaking engagements planned already, so if you want to learn about functional programming in .NET (and become a better C# programmer) or about F# and asynchronous programming, here are a few events that you may be interested in.

Functional .NET and F# Courses

First of all, I'm happy to announce that I'll be doing two courses for SkillsMatter together with Phil Trelford. The Functional Programming in .NET course is designed for developers with some object-oriented (mainly C#) background who want to understand how to use functional ideas in practice and learn some F# on the side.

The Real-World F# Programming course is designed for people with some basic F# experience. It focuses on the most important areas where F# is being used today, including data processing, asynchronous and concurrent programming and the development of algorithms. Both courses are practical with a large number of practical exercises.

Aside from the two-day courses, I'll be also involved in other .NET or F# events in London as well as elsewhere...


Progressive F# Tutorials

This is a two-day event with two tracks of F# tutorials and a keynote on Information Rich Programming in F# 3.0 by Don Syme.

I'll be doing one tutorial on asynchronous prog­ramming and agents, but if there is a version of F# 3.0 available by November, we may even play with type providers!

F#unctional Londoners

Finally, I'll be also doing a talk at the F#unctional Londoners meeting in October. The details are not yet finalized, so I'd love to hear from you - what topics are you interested in? Perhaps asynchronous programming in C# and F# and asynchronous sequences?

Around the UK

DDD Belfast

I submitted two talk proposals to the Developer­Developer­Developer conference in Belfast and one of them was accepted! The talk title is Asynchronous programming with F# and C# and it covers F# asynchronous workflows and the support for asynchronous programming in a future version of C#.

FP Day Cambridge

The event is full-day functional programming event with keynotes by Don Syme and Simon Peyton Jones, case study talks and 3 hour tutorials. I'll be doing an F# tutorial with Phil Trelford and it should be a great way to get started with F#!


Published: Friday, 26 August 2011, 3:04 AM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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