Analysing context dependence in programs

Tomas Petricek, Dominic Orchard, Alan Mycroft

Draft - Work in progress

The concept of a coeffect system has been recently introduced to analyse context-dependence in programs. It has been shown to capture various contextual properties such as liveness, caching requirements in causal dataflow and dynamic variable scoping. Although the existing work provides a useful mechanism for tracking overall properties of the context, it has limited use for contextual properties associated with individual variables in the context, such as liveness.

We remedy this limitation by developing structural coeffects that captures fine-grained information about the usage of free variables. This captures additional instances of contextual properties and also makes the analysis of liveness and dataflow computations more precise and practically useful.

Since the work onc oeffects is recent, we revisit the development here. We present the existing system as the flat coeffect calculus and further develop its syntactic and semantic properties. We then define the structural coeffect calculus and analyse its syntax and semantics. For contextual properties of variables, the structural coeffect calculus has desirable syntactic properties that are lacking in flat coeffect calculus. Finally, we extend indexed comonads, which models coeffects, to a structural variant.

Draft and more information

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