Recording and samples from my Reactive F# talk

Almost a week ago, I posted an invitation to my F# talk at the F#unctional Londoners user group. The theme of my talk was reactive programming, which was also a topic of my Master's thesis (defended earlier in June), so I really enjoyed talking about it. In the talk, I discussed the two approaches that you can use for developing reactive applications in F# (using examples in Silverlight):

  • Declarative (or data-flow oriented) allows you to describe "what" should be done with data that your component receives from various events (such as mouse position etc.) This can be written using F# event combinators such as and Event.scan.
  • Imperative (or control-flow oriented) - in this style, we describe various states of the component (e.g. semaphore with green, orange and red) and describe transitions between the states. This can be written using F# asynchronous workflows and the AwaitObservable primitive (which you can get as part of the source code).

Thanks to the folks from SkillsMatter who provided place for the meetup and helped with the organization, the talk was also recorded and is already available online! Below, you can also get all the nice Silverlight demos that I used during the talk...

Thanks again to Carolyn Miller and Phil Trelford for organizing the talk and also to Don Syme for taking me to the airport in the early morning (at 4 AM...) after the talk.

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