Welcome fsharpWorks & upcoming F# events

If you are following me or the #fsharp hashtag on Twitter, you might have already come across a link to fsharpWorks or one of the upcoming F# events organized by fsharpWorks. So, what is fsharpWorks and what are we planning for you?

Welcome fsharpWorks!

I have been doing a number of F# trainings, talks and occasional F# consulting over the last few years. During that time, I had the pleasure of collaborating with many great minds in the F# community, including Phil Trelford, Mathias Brandewinder and Scott Wlaschin.

At the same time, F# has seen an explosive growth in 2013, the number of successful industrial users is growing at a steady rate and there is a great number of interesting open-source projects! The demand for professional F# and functional-first trainings, consulting and other services is also growing. So, to satisfy these needs, we decided to join forces and form fsharpWorks!

What to expect from fsharpWorks?

Upcoming F# events in Scandinavia

The list of the events planned for June is simply too long! But here are some things that you should not miss. After NDC, I'm going to Stockholm and we're doing 1 day workshop F# via Machine Learning with Mathias. This is a fantastic way to learn F#!

NDC Oslo 2014

2-6 June, Oslo

Time to get a ticket. I'm speaking on Domain-Specific Languages, Mathias is speaking on F# and Machine Learning and Scott is speaking on Domain Modelling with functional types!

FsLab and F# type-providers hands-on

June 10, 2014, Copenhagen (Free)

In this session, I'll show a couple of demos of the recent developments in F# tools for data-science. After a short (optional) break, we’ll try to find a hidden treasure in the Type Provider treasure hunt!

Machine Learning with F#

9 June, Stockholm (SEK 1148.00)

In this one day workshop, you'll learn how to use the power of F# by building simple but effective machine learning predictive models and solving real-world problems. Book by May 25 for Early Bird price!

Building Stuff That Works with F#

9 June, Stockholm (Free)

How does the F# community manage to build tested, frequently released and well-documented libraries that work? In this free talk, we'll look at the awesome F# tools, many of which can be used with any .NET language.

Upcoming F# events in London & Paris

Back in London, I'm collaborating with QuantasHub and we are doing a Workshop & online course on F# in finance as well as Big-data in Finance conference.

And if you really want to dig deep into F#, then we are also running our established Fast Track to F# course with SkillsMatter. If you email me, we can offer the readers of this blog 25% off!

Big Data in Quantitative Finance Conference

13 June, London (£1899)

I'm doing a talk about Deedle and F# data science at the conference. Together with Antoaneta Serguieva (UCL), we're also run an interactive tutorial using the Financial Computing materials at TryF#.

F# and Functional Programming in Finance

16-17th June, London (£1398)

This two day workshop is filming of an F# material for an upcoming online course, but it is also a great opportunity to learn about everything you need to know about F# if you are working in finance. Of course, you'll get access to the online course too!

Fast Track to F#

19-20 June, London (£1165)

This two-day course is a comprehensive introduction to F#, covering the basics of the language, application areas including domain modelling, data analysis and asynchronous & concurrent programming. Email me for a 25% discount!

fsharpWorks |> Paris '14

27 June, 2014 (€75)

The first ever F# conference with F# experts from fsharpWorks, Steffen Forkmann (author of FAKE), Robert Pickering and many others! The program consists of morning talks and afternoon hands-on workshops. Book by June 9 for an early bird discount!

Published: Tuesday, 20 May 2014, 2:47 PM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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