F# CodeDOM Provider on the CodePlex

You probably already saw my post regarding CodeDOM generator for the F# language and how to use it with ASP.NET. To make it more accessible for everyone, I created project at the new Microsoft community site called CodePlex [^].

BTW: CodePlex looks like a really good site. It is based on Visual Studio Team System (which means that developers of the project can do most of the work directly from Visual Studio). It provides management of "Work Items" (TODO list), source control and many other useful things! For example if you have any feature requests or bug requests, send them to the discussion and I can easilly create work item from the message in the discussions.

If you are interested in this project and you want to help with developing of some parts, or if you are working on a project that is related to CodeDOM and F#, please let me know. Any help or feedback is kindly welcome!

Published: Wednesday, 23 August 2006, 12:13 AM
Tags: f#
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ASP.NET web applications in F#

CodeDOM (Code Document Object Model) is set of objects (located in System.CodeDom namespace) that can be used for representing logical structure of .NET source code. These classes are used for generating Web service references (using wsdl.exe tool), for generating typed datasets and in many other situations. The most interesting use of CodeDOM classes is in ASP.NET where ASP.NET generates code from aspx/ascx files and compiles this code into web site assemblies (together with the code written in code behind files).

This means, that you can use any language for developing ASP.NET web sites, as long as you implement CodeDOM provider that generates source code from CodeDOM structure and can compile these source files (this can be simply done by executing command line compiler). I was recently working on CodeProvider for the F# language, and finally it supports everything what is needed by ASP.NET (however it is complete and it doesn't work for example with wsdl.exe). Using this CodeDOM provider you can write ENTIRE web site in F# (including in-line code enclosed in <% ... source code ... %>). I also created project template for F# web site that can be imported to Visual Studio 2005, so you can easilly try writing web pages in F#...

Published: Sunday, 13 August 2006, 9:06 PM
Tags: web, f#
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