Upcoming F# book and event deals

Since I submitted my PhD thesis in December, I had a little bit of time to finish some of the things that I wanted to do for a really long time, but never quite found time to actually do them. This included getting the R provider to work on Mac and also creating a new web site for my various functional programming trainings and books. I even have a nice domain name:

The page also discusses a couple of business reasons for looking into functional programming. So, if you're a business person wondering why you should send your developers on an F# course, the site has the answers for you too! (Or if you are developer and need a page for your boss.) The other place to check out is the official F# Software Foundation web page is another great resource and the testimonials hosted there.

The page has some information about the various trainings we're offering at fsharpWorks and about the two F# books I co-authored (Real-World Functional Programming and brand new F# Deep Dives). I'm happy that we can offer some special deals on both the books and the F# FastTrack course in London, so if you're considering getting into F#, now is a good time!

F# eXchange and F# FastTrack

First of all, the first F# eXchange conference will be happening on April 17 in London. This is a full day of F# talks including cloud computing, modelling of cancer behaviour, F# tools development, type-driven development and more.

Just before the conference, we'll be running our FastTrack to F# course, which combines an introduction to F# with using F# to solve practical problems in areas like concurrency, data manipulation and business domain modelling.

As a special offer, we'll be able to give a free ticket to F# eXchange if you book a ticket for our course! So, if you want to get 3 days of intensive F# learning this April, drop me an email or ping me at @tomaspetricek. (If you're interested just in the course, let me know too - we can, at least, give you a 10% discount.)

F# Deep Dives: Deal of the day

The other announcement is that F# Deep Dives is book of the day on Friday, 27 March, which means that you can get the book from Manning with a 50% discount. Just follow the link in the right top corner on Manning web page!

The F# Deep Dives book was written to answer a question that I was hearing very often from people interested in F#: "How do people actually use F# in practice?" To answer this, we created a book that is a collection of real-world case studies written by people who actually use F# in practice. You won't find any toy examples there. Each chapter solves a real problem and describes how the author thinks about the problem, what techniques they use (and also when would the same techniques be useful in other contexts).

fsharpWorks private trainings and more

Finally, I'm happy to announce that fsharpWorks (which I'm a part of) is now an official silver sponsor of The F# Software Foundation. We started fsharpWorks with Mathias Brandewinder, Phil Trelford and Scott Wlaschin to join forces and offer trainings and consulting services related to F#.

Having four F# community leaders together means that we can cover a wide range of topics (including machine learning and data science, domain modelling and business application development, testing and much more).

So, if you're interested in consulting related to F# or a private training to get you and your team started with F#, drop us an email or ping us at @fsharpworks!

Published: Friday, 27 March 2015, 12:16 PM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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Tags: c#, f#, functional programming, talks