F# courses and talks (Winter 2012 and beyond...)

A couple of months ago, I posted a list of my F# talks and courses for Autumn 2011. Although I tried hard to have fewer speaking engagements during the winter and spring, there are quite a few events that I'd like to invite you to.

Last year, I spent quite a lot of time talking about asynchronous programming and agents. I think this is still a very important topic and especially agent-based programming in F# is a powerful way to implement concurrency primitives (like blocking queue), as well as complex systems (like trading screens and market analysis). I also wrote a series of articles on this topic that are available on MSDN and should be a good starting point.

Over the next few months, I'll be doing some talks about type providers, which is an upcoming F# 3.0 technology for accessing data. However, I also hope to find some time to look at other directions for F#, especially how it can be used in an online web-based environment, either using Azure or by translating F# to JavaScript using a recently announced open-source project named Pit.

Functional .NET and F# Courses

In October and December, we had the first run of two courses that I'm doing together with Phil Trelford at SkillsMatter in London. We had some nice feedback and we also plan a couple of improvements, so the next runs should be even better. We are doing two courses - the first one introduces F# and functional programming and the second one covers some more advanced F# topics. For more information and a detailed content, see F# trainings for .NET developers.

Coming to New York!

I'm also very pleased to announce that we'll be doing the Functional Programming in .NET course in New York on 23 April. This is quite far from now, so you'll definitely read about it again on my blog. If you're interested in attending the course in NY in April, you can also book at the SkillsMatter web site or get in touch (we can also offer a private training for your company).

While visiting USA, I'll also definitely speak at the New York F# User Group. The exact date and topic will appear at the group page when the time comes, but I'm really looking forward to meeting the F# NY community.

London talks and tutorials

Aside from the courses, I'll be also doing one talk on type providers at Functional Programming eXchange on type providers and a short tutorial (together with Phil Trelford) at QCon London. Aside, if you're interested in functional programming and software architecture, you can also check out Phil Trelford's talk at the Software architecture track at GOTO Copenhagen.

QCon London

The QCon conference doesn't need an introduction. Together with Phil Trelford, we're doing a tutorial called Turning to the Functional Side with F#. The tutorial focuses on the functional approach to thinking about programming problems and especially at domain modelling using F#. No prior F# knowledge is needed, but we'll have some more advanced materials for those who already played with F# a bit.

Functional Programming eXchange

This is a one-day conference on functional programming that includes talks on a mix of functional programming techniques and languages including F#, Scala and Haskell.

I'll be doing an in depth talk on F# type providers, covering some of the standard providers, but also an implementation of custom providers.


Published: Friday, 13 January 2012, 3:07 AM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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