Functional Programming: Available Chapter Excerpts & Discount

The work on my book Functional Programming for the Real World is slowly getting to the end. I'm currently creating index for the last couple of chapters and doing final updates based on the feedback from reviews and also from the forum at (this means that if you have some suggestions, it's the best time to post them - I haven't yet replied to all of them, but I'll certainly do that before the manuscript will go to the production).

Look Inside the Book

If you want to look inside the book, you can read the first chapter, which is available from Manning (a slightly updated version of the chapter should be available soon). However, there are other parts of the book available for free. Manning occasionally publishes chapter excerpts (that is some relatively stand-alone part of a chapter) as articles on various programming web sites. Since I haven't posted a link to any of them on the blog, here they are. The first two chapters has changed quite a lot since the article was published, so you won't find much from the first article in the book. However the last two are still there:

Buy "Functional Programming" with 30% Discount

If you're considering buying the book, you can get it from Manning right now (even though it isn't completed yet) thanks to the MEAP program. You'll get PDF with the current manuscript and a final version (including printed book if you want) when it'll be done. The last excerpt published at CodeProject also includes a 30% discount code that you can use at check-out. The book is also available at Amazon (UK, USA), but in that case you'll have to wait for the final printed version (estimated for October).

Published: Sunday, 26 July 2009, 3:41 AM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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