Announcing: Real-world Functional Programming in .NET

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If you’ve been reading my blog or seen some my articles, you know that I’m a big fan of the F# language and functional programming style. I’m also often trying to present a bit different view of C# and LINQ – for me it is interesting mainly because it brings many functional features to a main-stream language and allows using of many of the functional patterns in a real-world. Elegant way for working with data, which is the most commonly used feature of C# 3.0, is just one example of this functional approach. Talking about real-world applications of functional programming, there is also fantastic news about F#. It was announced last year that F# will become fully supported Visual Studio language and the first CTP version of F# was released this week!

I always thought that the topics mentioned in the previous paragraph are really interesting and that functional programming will continue to become more and more important. That’s why I’m really excited by the news that I’d like to announce today – I’m writing a book about functional programming in F# and C#. The book is called Real-world Functional Programming in .NET and it’ll be published by Manning Publications. I already wrote several chapters and thanks to the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP), you can start reading the book today.

Start reading today!

Here is a couple of links if you're interested in more information about the book. I started a companion web site for the book, so you'll find everything regarding the book, links to related articles and the source code here: There is a book page at Manning web site where you can find the direct links to the free content (Chapter 1 and the Greenpaper) and also the option to purchase the book via MEAP today:

First four chapters and the TOC were available for some time now, so even before I wrote this announcement, I already received a wonderful feedback. Tom Kirby-Green added the book to his “must read” list and wrote a comment about the first four chapters: “Even in it's early, incomplete, and yet to be proof read format the book already shows so much promise that I for one can't wait for the next update.” Thanks, and I hope that the book will meet your expectations! I welcome any feedback, comments or suggestiongs regarding the book, so you can post your comments to the book forum or contact me directly.

What's inside?

When we were discussing the focus of the book with Michael Stephens from Manning, we realized that the content, which is really missing is explaining what functional programming is for C# developers using both C# and F#. Using this multi-language approach, you can easily understand the basic concepts, because you’ll see how the same thing looks in C#, a language that you’re already familiar with and in F#, a language that contains functional ideas in their pure form. The book will have four parts with the following content (you can find a link to a more complete table of content below).

Published: Tuesday, 2 September 2008, 8:03 PM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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