Learn F# at TechMesh and SkillsMetter

Autumn is a busy period and I already invited you to a couple of interesting events, but there are two more events that you definitely should not miss. In only two weeks, you can come to two-day Progressive F# Tutorials packed with tutorials for both F# beginners and experts. At the beginning of December, the TechMesh Conference comes with three days of talks about alternative (and future) technologies.

I'll be speaking at both Progressive F# Tutorials and TechMesh and I'm also doing a tutorial at TechMesh, so if you want to learn about F#, type providers in F# 3.0 and financial computing with F#, here are some talks that you should not miss...

F# trainings in London and New York

Aside from conferences, we're still offering F# trainings at SkillsMatter suitable for both C# programmers who want to broaden their skills and those who want to use F# in practice right now. The courses are available in London and New York and if you cannot find a date that would suit you, drop me a note at!

Special offer!    As a special offer for the readers of my blog, I'd like to offer 20% off the full price. To register, email me directly with the training and location you're interested in. If you're interested in a private training or booking for multiple attendees, get in touch as well!

Progressive F# Tutorials (November 1.-2.)

The event consists of almost 10 talks and tutorials in two parallel tracks, aimed at beginners as well as experts. The keynote by Don Syme will introduce F# type providers, Robert Pickering will introduce F# through music and you'll also learn about web programming and cloud programming in F#!

I'll be participating in the "Programming with the stars" session where you'll learn how F# programmers think about problem solving and I'm doing a tutorial with Simon Cousins on "Concurrent time-series data processing" - a very hands-on and real-world session explaining agents, pipelines and other useful patterns.

TechMesh 2012 (December 4.-6.)

TechMesh is a three day conference about alternative, emerging and future technologies, so this is definitely an event that you should not miss! The speaker list includes some big names in the industry as well as from the academia.

To register, visit the TechMesh 2012 Conference Web site. The conference will be held in London between 4th and 6th December. Other confirmed F# speakers include Adam Granicz and Luca Bolognese.

Published: Sunday, 21 October 2012, 4:53 PM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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