F# Data New type provider library

When F# 3.0 type providers were still in beta version, I wrote a couple of type providers as examples for talks. These included the WorldBank type provider (now available on Try F#) and also type provider for XML that infered the structure from sample.
For some time, these were hosted as part of FSharpX and the authors of FSharpX also added a number of great features.

When I found some more time earlier this year, I decided to start a new library that would be fully focused on data access in F# and on type providers and I started working on F# Data. The library has now reached a stable state and Steffen also announced that the document type providers (JSON, XML and CSV) are not going to be available in FSharpX since the next version.

This means that if you're interested in accessing data using F# type providers, you should now go to F# Data. Here are the most important links:

Before looking at the details, I would like to thank to Gustavo Guerra who made some amazing contributions to the library! (More contributors are always welcome, so continue reading if you're interested...)

F# Data Overview

The library contains several type providers, a couple of helper functions and it also comes with comprehensive documentation. Here is a quick summary of the key features:

F# Data Code Samples

I do not want to spend too much time demonstrating all the awesome features of the F# Data library, but let me include just a few code snippets to demonstrate some interesting features. (You can find more in the documentation).

All the samples assume that we're using an F# Script file, so we start by referencing the F# Data library using #r (in a project file, you would add reference as usual). I also open two namespaces - FSharp.Data with the data-related API and FSharp.Net with a helper type Http for making HTTP requests:

#r "FSharp.Data.dll"
open FSharp.Data
open FSharp.Net

Now, let's quickly look at a number of examples that demonstrate the F# Data library. You cannot quite see that in static code sample on a blog, but note that all data access is done in a typed way. When you type ., you get a completion and if you make a typo, you'll get an instantaneous feedback about the error.

Geting government debt from WorldBank

The WorldBankData type gives you access to the World Bank data set. For example, we can look at "Czech Republic" and get the government debt for the most recent year (using Seq.maxBy to get value for the most recent year available):

let wb = WorldBankData.GetDataContext()
wb.Countries.``Czech Republic``.Indicators.``Central government debt, total (% of GDP)``
|> Seq.maxBy fst

Geting religion list from Freebase

The FreebaseData type gives you access to Freebase. You can just type . and explore the data sources available - for example, to look at a list of religions and print first 10:

let fb = FreebaseData.GetDataContext()
for rel in fb.Society.Religion.Religions |> Seq.take 10 do
  printfn "%s" rel.Name

Parsing RSS news feed from BBC

If you want to get news using RSS, you can use XmlProvider. All you need is a sample file or a string (marked as Literal) with the RSS data. Then you can pass this string or file to the provider as a static parameter and you'll get nice types for working with RSS feeds. Here, we get news from BBC using the Http.Request helper:

let [<Literal>] RssSample = (Sample RSS feed omitted)
type Rss = XmlProvider<RssSample>

let feed = Rss.Parse(Http.Request(""))
printfn  "%s" feed.Channel.Title
for item in feed.Channel.GetItems() do
  printfn " - %s" item.Title

Geting stock prices from Yahoo CSV

Working with CSV files is similar. The CsvProvider takes static parameter with sample data (either as a file name or as actual data). Here, we use a file and we also specify that we only want to use first 10 rows for the inference (for performance reasons). The provider infers column names and types. Here is how you calculate the average MSFT stock price over the entire history:

type Stocks = CsvProvider<"data/fsharp-data/MSFT.csv", InferRows=10>
let msft = Stocks.Load("")
msft.Data |> Seq.averageBy (fun row -> row.Open)

Geting list of F# snippets using REST API

For our last example, we'll use REST API provided by F# Snippets. The API returns a JSON data set containing information about snippets. We can easily use it by defining a string Literal with sample JSON and passing it to JsonProvider. To get the data, we use Http.Request, but this time we specify Content-Type header. Working with the results is, again, done in a nice typed way:

let [<Literal>] FsSnipNewsSample = (Sample JSON with snippet data omitted)
type FsSnipNews = JsonProvider<FsSnipNewsSample>

let data = 
    ( "", 
      headers=["content-type", "application/json"] )

let res = FsSnipNews.Parse(data)
for snippet in res do
  printfn " - %s" snippet.Title


Although I started working on F# Data around christmas, this is the first blog post about it. The library had some time to develop and we fixed some of the most important bugs, so if you're interested in data access in F#, F# Data is the right tool for you!

I included a quick overview of some of the type providers that are available in the library - including those for WorldBank, Freebase, CSV, XML and JSON. Of course, I did not cover all the features of the library. You can find more information in the detailed documentation.

Contribute to F# Data

As I mentioned already, the library already had some great contributors. Gustavo Guerra did a great job on making it work in Portable profile and on Silverlight. However, there is always work to be done :-) and contributors are very welcome. If you're interested, check out the list of issues. I also wrote a page on contributing to F# Data with basic information about the library structure.

Multiple items
namespace FSharp

namespace Microsoft.FSharp
Multiple items
namespace FSharp.Data

namespace Microsoft.FSharp.Data
namespace FSharp.Net
val wb : WorldBankData.ServiceTypes.WorldBankDataService
type WorldBankData =
  static member GetDataContext : unit -> WorldBankDataService
  nested type ServiceTypes
WorldBankData.GetDataContext() : WorldBankData.ServiceTypes.WorldBankDataService
property WorldBankData.ServiceTypes.WorldBankDataService.Countries: WorldBankData.ServiceTypes.Countries
module Seq

from Microsoft.FSharp.Collections
val maxBy : projection:('T -> 'U) -> source:seq<'T> -> 'T (requires comparison)
val fst : tuple:('T1 * 'T2) -> 'T1
val fb : FreebaseData.ServiceTypes.FreebaseService
type FreebaseData =
  static member GetDataContext : unit -> FreebaseService
  nested type ServiceTypes

Contains data and types drawn from the web data store. See for terms and conditions.
FreebaseData.GetDataContext() : FreebaseData.ServiceTypes.FreebaseService
val rel : obj
val take : count:int -> source:seq<'T> -> seq<'T>
val printfn : format:Printf.TextWriterFormat<'T> -> 'T
Multiple items
type LiteralAttribute =
  inherit Attribute
  new : unit -> LiteralAttribute

new : unit -> LiteralAttribute
val RssSample : string
"""<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <rss version="2.0">
      <title>BBC News - Home</title>
      <description>The latest stories from the Home section of the BBC News web site.</description>
      <lastBuildDate>Thu, 28 Mar 2013 01:10:12 GMT</lastBuildDate>
        <title>Government loses Abu Qatada appeal</title>
        <description>Home Secretary Theresa May loses her appeal against a ruling preventing the deportation of radical cleric Abu Qatada.</description>
        <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
        <pubDate>Wed, 27 Mar 2013 17:37:35 GMT</pubDate>
        <title>Synchrotron yields 'safer' vaccine</title>
        <description>British scientists develop a new way to create an entirely synthetic vaccine which does not rely on using live infectious virus, meaning it is much safer.</description>
        <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
        <pubDate>Wed, 27 Mar 2013 22:00:04 GMT</pubDate>
        <title>Oil firms invest $500m in huge field</title>
        <description>Major oil companies announce plans which they hope will boost production from the UK's biggest oilfield.</description>
        <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
        <pubDate>Thu, 28 Mar 2013 00:31:05 GMT</pubDate>
type Rss = XmlProvider<...>
type XmlProvider

<summary>Typed representation of a XML file</summary>
       <param name='Sample'>Location of a XML sample file or a string containing a sample XML document</param>
       <param name='Global'>If true, the inference unifies all XML elements with the same name</param>
       <param name='Culture'>The culture used for parsing numbers and dates.</param>
       <param name='SampleList'>If true, the children of the root in the sample document represent individual samples for the inference.</param>
       <param name='ResolutionFolder'>A directory that is used when resolving relative file references (at design time and in hosted execution)</param>
val feed : XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Rss
XmlProvider<...>.Parse(text: string) : XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Rss
type Http =
  private new : unit -> Http
  static member AsyncRequest : url:string -> Async<string>
  static member AsyncRequest : url:string * ?query:(string * string) list * ?headers:(string * string) list * ?meth:string * ?body:string -> Async<string>
  static member Request : url:string -> string
  static member Request : url:string * ?query:(string * string) list * ?headers:(string * string) list * ?meth:string * ?body:string -> string
static member Http.Request : url:string -> string
static member Http.Request : url:string * ?query:(string * string) list * ?headers:(string * string) list * ?meth:string * ?body:string -> string
property XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Rss.Channel: XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Channel
property XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Channel.Title: string
val item : XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Item
XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Channel.GetItems() : XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Item []
property XmlProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Item.Title: string
type Stocks = CsvProvider<...>
type CsvProvider

<summary>Typed representation of a CSV file</summary>
       <param name='Sample'>Location of a CSV sample file or a string containing a sample CSV document</param>
       <param name='Separator'>Column delimiter</param>
       <param name='Culture'>The culture used for parsing numbers and dates.</param>
       <param name='InferRows'>Number of rows to use for inference. Defaults to 1000. If this is zero, all rows are used.</param>
       <param name='ResolutionFolder'>A directory that is used when resolving relative file references (at design time and in hosted execution)</param>
val msft : CsvProvider<...>
CsvProvider<...>.Load(uri: string) : CsvProvider<...>
CsvProvider<...>.Load(stream: System.IO.Stream) : CsvProvider<...>
property CsvProvider<...>.Data: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<CsvProvider<...>.Row>
val averageBy : projection:('T -> 'U) -> source:seq<'T> -> 'U (requires member ( + ) and member DivideByInt and member get_Zero)
val row : CsvProvider<...>.Row
property CsvProvider<...>.Row.Open: decimal
val FsSnipNewsSample : string
"""[ { "author": "Kit Eason",
    "title": "Eurovision - Some(points)",
    "description": "The Eurovision final scoring system using records and some higher order functions. (...)",
    "likes": 1,
    "link": "",
    "published": "5 months ago"},
  { "author": "Eirik Tsarpalis",
    "title": "Codomains through Reflection",
    "description": "Any type signature has the form of a curried chain T0 -> T1 -> .... -> Tn, where Tn is not a function type. (...)",
    "likes": 2,
    "link": "",
    "published": "5 months ago" } ]"""
type FsSnipNews = JsonProvider<...>
type JsonProvider

<summary>Typed representation of a JSON document</summary>
       <param name='Sample'>Location of a JSON sample file or a string containing a sample JSON document</param>
       <param name='SampleList'>If true, sample should be a list of individual samples for the inference.</param>
       <param name='Culture'>The culture used for parsing numbers and dates.</param>
       <param name='ResolutionFolder'>A directory that is used when resolving relative file references (at design time and in hosted execution)</param>
val data : string
val res : JsonProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Entity []
JsonProvider<...>.Parse(text: string) : JsonProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Entity []
val snippet : JsonProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Entity
property JsonProvider<...>.DomainTypes.Entity.Title: string

Published: Thursday, 28 March 2013, 3:23 AM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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Tags: open source, f#, f# data, type providers