Phalanger at Lang.NET Symposium

Trip to Seattle

Last week I attended the Lang.NET Symposium and I also did a short presentation about Phalanger (below you can find the demos and slides from my talk). By the way – during the trip from Prague to Seattle I missed a connecting flight from Paris, so I had one day to visit Paris and since I was traveling on Saturday I actually quite enjoyed it :-), so that’s where the picture comes from.

Overall it was really a fantastic event with many great talks from many interesting people. I hope that there will be recordings as a last year, so I won’t comment every topic that I found interesting (that would be really a long post). But just quickly – people from Microsoft often talked about DLR (dynamic language runtime) related topics, which was interesting as we’re planning to look at DLR in Phalanger. Luckily, Wez Furlong from the PHP community was there too, so we discussed how we could work on “PHP on DLR” project together (see also our mailing list).

There were also two talks about F# (from Luke Hoban and Harry Pierson), and it was a lot of fun to hang out with them. Finally, Erik Meijer presented the Volta project, which I was particularly interested in as it shares many goals and ideas with my F# Web Tools.

Non-Microsoft talks covered wider range of topics including Mono and Moonlight project (by Miguel de Icaza) and I actually had a chance to talk with Miguel about Phalanger and we even tried running the Helicopter sample on Moonlight – there were some issues, but it seems quite promising, so I hope to have the sample running on Moonlight on Linux quite soon! Miguel mentioned that the installation of Moonlight is currently a bit painful (due to some issues with media codecs), but it should be fixed in next few weeks, so I hope to be able to try it on my machine too!

My Phalanger presentation was quite quick as I had only 30 minutes, but it included the most interesting things that we’re working on recently – I demonstrated our Silverlight support, interoperability between .NET and PHP (using duck typing) and also our upcoming support for Visual Studio 2008, which deserves special attention as it means that anyone will be able to get Visual Studio with PHP support for free (thanks to the VS Shell initiative).

Anyway, I just wanted to post the slides and demos on my blog as soon as possible (because I’m going on holidays for the next week) and I’ll send more detailed update on Phalanger after I get back.

Demos & Slides From My Talk

Published: Saturday, 2 February 2008, 11:51 AM
Author: Tomas Petricek
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